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Chapter 213 Not An Idiot

  • Natalie grew up in a village since she was a girl, so she wasn't that pampered. “I can sleep on the couch, Samuel.”
  • “Are you pitying me?” Samuel gripped her wrist tighter. “From now on, if you say another word, we'll be sleeping on the bed together.”
  • She lowered her head and stopped arguing with him. If... If the both of us really do sleep on the same bed, I wonder how things between us would turn out. It's hard for me to imagine. If it weren't for Mr. Morin earlier, perhaps I would've become his woman.
  • The two of them promptly parted ways for the night.
  • Natalie went to the guest room that Ida had prepared while Samuel slept on the couch in the living room.
  • The building was quite far away from the city, so the entire place was very quiet. The only sounds around were the rustling of the trees and the chirping of the wildlife.
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