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Chapter 197 Stay Here With Me

  • “Stay here with me.” Christopher pursed his lips and stared at Natalie intently. “Otherwise, how would I know if you're trying to drug me with the medicinal bath?”
  • “Obviously, you know nothing about trust.” She crossed her arms and scoffed furiously, “I'm here to heal you, but you never treat me as your doctor at all!”
  • Unfazed, he leisurely rested his arms on the edge of the hot tub and closed his eyes slowly. “You're right.”
  • “You-”
  • When she was about to scold him, he cut her off with his eyes closed. “Those who can't cure me of my illness are quacks. Only those who can heal me are doctors.”
  • Natalie snorted and moved as far as she could from him in the water, crossing her arms to wrap her shoulders tightly.
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