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Chapter 182 The Insatiable Ingrate

  • Not a single ray of light permeated the darkness of the pitch-black room. Although the icy cold water was only up till Mandy's waist, what truly sent shivers up her spine was the unknown slimy objects that she sensed swimming about her feet.
  • “Ah! What's in the water? How can it be swimming about like this? Let me out of here at once!” screamed Mandy in fear as she thrashed about in the water in a vain attempt to reach for safety.
  • Billy shot Mandy a cold glare as he snarled, “So now you're afraid? You've hurt someone that Mr. Bowers cares deeply about! This is just the beginning of what awaits you!”
  • With that, Billy barked out a few curt instructions to the men watching over Mandy before he turned and took his leave.
  • Still trapped in this flooded room, Mandy found herself spinning about haphazardly to evade the unidentified creature swimming about and bothering her. In her despair, she wailed, “Don't leave! Please don't leave me here all by myself! You can't treat me like this! I'm from the Watsons family after all!”
  • Even though Mandy screamed frantically until she had gone hoarse, no one paid her any heed.
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