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Chapter 180 The Watsons Residence

  • Meanwhile, at Watsons manor, another scene was unfolding. Chris had slapped Mandy so hard that she landed on the bed.
  • Feeling the stinging pain on her cheek, she gingerly massagd her face and asked, “Why did you hit me?”
  • “You are such a stupid woman!” Upon hearing her question, molten anger rolled through him. “Why did you harm that woman without discussing it with us? Dad and my nephew treated her like a treasure! If they know that you were the one behind it, we will be doomed!”
  • Despite being slapped, she yelled righteously, “I'm doing it because of you! You are his biological son, yet he's giving all his wealth to an outsider!”
  • “Don't be so high and mighty! You are not doing it for me. The truth is, you are doing it for yourself!”
  • Fury roared through his mind when he thought of the consequences he would face if they found out she was the main culprit.
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