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Chapter 174 He Wants To See Her

  • The Jean family had been the Bowers' family doctor for generations.
  • Celia was the granddaughter of Simon Jean, the man who was known as the miracle doctor. She was also one of the best doctors in the Jean family.
  • Simon doted on this granddaughter of his and would bring her everywhere with him since she was young. He taught her medical skills personally, and she was appointed as Samuel's personal doctor ever since the ripe age of sixteen.
  • Initially, Celia thought the head of the Bowers family was an old man. However, she immediately fell in love with Samuel's cold personality ever since she first laid eyes on him.
  • That was why she was infuriated by the sight of Samuel hugging an ugly woman.
  • Natalie tried her best to push Samuel away, but the latter would not let go.
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