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Chapter 172 Joy

  • After that phone call, Xavian did not dare to contact Samuel.
  • He was afraid that he might accidentally reveal information about Natalie's whereabouts to Samuel. However, it was very hard to stop himself from spilling the beans.
  • He would always stutter whenever Samuel called, worried that he might say something he should not have. Luckily, Samuel was too focused on the rescue operation to notice anything wrong with Xavian. Nonetheless, Xavian still felt bad for not telling Samuel the truth. Natalie, on the other hand, stayed at home all day and waited for her hyper-realistic mask to arrive.
  • When the mask was finally ready, Yandel was the one who delivered it to Natalie's doorstep.
  • Natalie immediately opened the package and put on the hyper-realistic mask. She looked at herself in the mirror to make sure that her beautiful face had once again transformed back to the freckle-covered face.
  • After checking countless times, she was finally relieved to see that the new hyper-realistic mask was exactly similar to the one she had lost in the river.
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