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Chapter 171 She Came Back Alive

  • Xavian asked in fear, “Mommy, do you know who tried to hurt you?”
  • “The person who drugged and threw me into the river was just a minion. In my drugged state, I heard him call his employer 'Madam.' The culprit who hired him is most likely a woman who is in her thirties,” Natalie recalled.
  • She unstrapped the carry-on bag that was tied to her calf and continued, “Fortunately, I always carry around these pills that can detoxify poison quickly. I managed to swallow them before I lost consciousness. Otherwise, I would have really died in the river.”
  • All of a sudden, Xavian seemed to have remembered something.
  • He hit his head hard with his fist and exclaimed, “Silly me! I was so happy that you returned home safe that I forgot to do something important!”
  • Natalie asked, “What is it?”
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