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Chapter 167 The Odds Are Against Her

  • Xavian felt his hands and feet go cold as the alert on his computer went off.
  • To increase the accuracy of Natalie's GPS tracker, he had installed a location identification system on her phone and bracelet. As he received no feedback from both systems now, it was very likely that the devices had broken down after sinking into the water.
  • Why did Mommy jump into a river all of a sudden?
  • His brows scrunched into a deep V as he could not get through to Natalie's phone.
  • No! Something must have happened to Mommy! I'm the only one who knows that Mommy has fallen into the river, so I must find a way to save her...
  • Anxiety overwhelmed the boy as he thought to himself, It's nighttime and high tide now. The place where Mommy fell into has strong currents, so there is a possibility that she's...
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