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Chapter 160 Why Are You Here

  • Xavian brought Sophia to his room, where they watched a video on pandas together.
  • Well-behaved, Sophia ate her strawberry pudding while gently swaying her short legs.
  • She glanced at the panda on the computer screen before shifting her gaze to Xavian, who seemed to have his head in the clouds. Her lips pouted briefly before parting to ask, “Y-You... don't look... happy?”
  • Xavian remained silent with his brows knitted close together.
  • Previously, he and Clayton had often fought over Natalie's affection under the drive of jealousy. Now, it seemed that Franklin had joined their competition and was seizing all of their mother's attention. Because of that, it felt like a cold day in hell for Xavian.
  • Sensing the former's glum mood, Sophia scooped a spoonful of pudding before bringing it close to Xavian's face.
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