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Chapter 156 Protecting Franklin

  • Yara clenched her teeth in hatred.
  • Franklin has been punished so much already. Why is he still choosing to remain silent?
  • Yara forced herself to speak. “Grandpa... Forget it. Since Franklin is this unwilling to admit it, don't force him anymore. I don't want him to hate me even more...”
  • “No! I am a man of my word.” Kenneth turned red with anger as he felt Yara had been bullied. “I'll continue punishing him until he confesses.”
  • “No...” Yara feigned her objection while posing elegantly on the couch. She used a tissue to dab at the tears she had forced out from the corners of her eyes.
  • “Great-grandpa, you're being foolish! This evil woman has got you by the balls!” Franklin shouted agitatedly.
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