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Chapter 153 I Would Never

  • Kenneth alighted the Maybach that pulled up nearby. He then walked toward Franklin and Sophia with an icy expression before lecturing, “What kind of behavior is this? I heard that you two have been treating Yara poorly, but this is unacceptable! She gave birth to the both of you after ten difficult months of pregnancy. Is this how you repay your mother's hardships?”
  • The twins fell silent as that was the first time Kenneth had yelled at them with such a harsh tone.
  • However, the twins refused to give in.
  • They thought in unison, Treat Yara as our mother? Never! Over our dead bodies!
  • “Great-grandpa, I've done nothing wrong!” Franklin exclaimed. “That woman started it! She forced us to call her our mommy, and she even hurt Sophia! I told her to let Sophia go, but she refused! Sophia was crying in pain!”
  • He would not have reacted so violently if Yara had chosen to hurt him instead of his sister.
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