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Chapter 149 How Dare You Lie To Me

  • Natalie went to the headquarters of Dream.
  • Immediately after she walked into the lobby, she saw Yandel in a violet suit. He was looking at the entrance anxiously, awaiting her arrival. The corner of his lips raised the moment he saw Natalie appear.
  • “You are finally here,” Yandel greeted. “I heard from Ross about everything that happened in the Watsons residence yesterday. You are amazing!”
  • “Actually, you don't have to wait for me at the entrance,” Natalie said with a smile. “The private elevator has recorded my thumbprint. I can go up myself.”
  • “Since I know you're coming, I should personally greet you to show my sincerity.”
  • As Yandel was not an easygoing person, all the workers in the building were shocked to see that he was escorting Natalie to the elevator. Besides, they were stunned to see that Yandel and Natalie could converse merrily.
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