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Chapter 132 The Inner Thoughts Of Shawn

  • Walking out of the lounge, Natalie bumped into Chris and Charlie and their respective spouses by the door.
  • The two couples glared daggers at her as if hoping that their gaze could burn holes through her.
  • There was a glint in Natalie's brown eyes as she asked lazily, “Mr. Corden, can I ask you something?”
  • “Go ahead, Ms. Nichols.”
  • “Since Old Mr. Watsons' will has taken effect, what will happen to the portion that I'm supposed to inherit should something untoward happen to me?”
  • The man was stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered and replied, “According to Old Mr. Watsons' instructions, the shares under your name will be donated to Chanaea's charity organizations under you and the Watsons family's joint names.”
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