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Chapter 130 Break Free From His Wrist

  • Belle's grip on her glass tightened as her eyes glowered with rage. “Do you really think that you're going to marry Shawn?”
  • “Of course.” Natalie swiftly glanced at Belle before looking away again, placing her now-empty glass onto a passing waiter's serving plate. “Who else would he marry? You? You've known Shawn for so long, but it seems like you two can never be anything more than friends.”
  • Upon hearing those words, Belle's face immediately fell, and the graceful image she had been maintaining instantly disappeared. “You b*tch! Don't get so full of yourself!”
  • Natalie continued with her onslaught. “Why not? If you were in my shoes, you would have said worse things than I did.”
  • “You...!”
  • Belle had been the most pampered child in the house since young. Even as a girl, her status surpassed even that of her brother. Not once had a person of lower status ever spoken to her in such a manner.
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