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Chapter 129 Jealousy Supersedes The Mind

  • Natalie nodded. “Yes, I am.”
  • “I am the Watsons' butler, Aaron Timbber. You can just call me Mr. Timbber,” the man said politely. “Mr. Watsons and Mr. Shawn have instructed me to await your arrival. Let me guide you into the main banquet hall.”
  • Realizing that the celebrity guests at the entrance were all looking at her, an unbothered smile grew on Natalie's face.
  • “Lead the way,” she said. She followed the butler into the residence and bypassed the identity verification process.
  • This must be the courtyard. The European-styled building radiated an aura of grandeur under the evening sun, and it was clear that meticulous care had gone into every tree and bush planted in the courtyard.
  • A large fountain pool was located beside the walkway leading to the main banquet hall. The lights reflected in the flowing water created a mystical aura, making it seem like an entrance to the wonderland.
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