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Chapter 127 Mom Is Leaving For Another Guy 1

  • On the other end of the call, Shawn's lips curved into a smile.
  • He continued sincerely, “Of course, I am. You're my grandfather's savior, and it's my honor to have you as my partner.”
  • Natalie hesitated for a moment.
  • It was not a problem for her to attend Max's birthday party. However, she was afraid that it might cause misunderstandings if she attended as Shawn's partner.
  • Thus, she hinted at her reluctance through a polite statement. “Mr. Watsons. I doubt it's necessary for you to show up with a partner at your grandfather's birthday party-”
  • “I need you as a shield to ward off other women. Is that a good enough reason to convince you?” Shawn's candid voice elaborated, “Grandpa invited many of his elite friends. If they notice that I'm alone at the party, they will definitely try to promote their daughters and granddaughters as ideal wives to me. Man, just the thought of that already gives me a bad headache.”
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