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Chapter 113 Our Biological Father

  • I'm supposed to be their mommy, but these two little ones are always looking out for me. There have been so many times when I almost gave up during these past five years. Thankfully, motherhood and having these two by my side have helped me overcome my circumstances and transform into who I am today.
  • “Darling... Sweetheart...”
  • Natalie kissed Xavian and Clayton's cheeks while silently thanking the heavens for blessing her with such perfect children.
  • It pained the boys to see their mother's injury. Hence, they proceeded to bombard her with the information they gathered after searching up tips and advice to heal wounds online.
  • “Hang on. Clayton, shouldn't you be at the filming set?” Natalie asked.
  • “I told my manager, Ms. Craig, that I needed to come back immediately when I heard about your injury. She helped rearrange my schedule so I could make a quick visit. Don't worry. All I have to do is return to the set before eleven o'clock tonight. I'll be able to complete everything tomorrow.”
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