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Chapter 107 So What If We Kiss

  • Gosh! I have an arm filled with cuts! How dare this man behave so wildly and pin me under him?
  • Samuel slightly distanced from Natalie while caressing her lips with his finger. “So what if we kiss? One little peck won't affect your injured arm. After all, it's your lips that I'm ravaging.”
  • With that, he threw himself against her body and planted his lips deeper against hers.
  • This time, he was more cautious not to touch the injury on Natalie's arm. He even made sure to avoid placing too much of his weight on her body.
  • “Y-You animal...” Natalie's muffled voice cursed.
  • Unfortunately, it had little effect on Samuel, who hungrily continued to run his tongue along the insides of her mouth.
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