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Chapter 2 Stay With Me

  • Andrew
  • I stared at the person in my arms. With her eyes closed, she looked like an angel falling down the earth just for me. Her delicate features and serene expression captivated me, making it hard to believe she was real. The warmth of her body against mine felt like a divine embrace, as if the universe had conspired to bring us together at that moment.
  • I sighed happily, feeling a wave of contentment and peace wash over me. I found my mate in this unexpected encounter, and it felt like the missing piece of my soul had finally been found.
  • 'Lucas, get the car ready; we are leaving,' I communicated to my beta through our mind-link.
  • 'But why all of a sudden?' he asked, confused by the sudden change.
  • ‘Just do what I say and don’t ask any questions.’ I replied, dismissing the conversation and carrying my mate in my arms and outside the bar.
  • As I got out, I noticed Lucas following my orders and standing alongside the car. “How many drinks did you have?” I asked Lucas, and I gently placed my mate inside the car.
  • “I only started on my first when you ordered me.” He said, his eyes following my every action. 'And who is she?'
  • “Someone special,” I mumbled, with my hand caressing her hair. “Now is not the time to ask any questions; take me to my hotel.” Lucas nodded his head without any further questions, driving us to the location. I don’t know her address, and the closest I can get to her is one of the hotels that I own, where she can be both comfortable and safe.
  • I turned my face, cherishing every inch of my beautiful mate, from her heart-shaped face to her pink lips, her cute button nose, and her messy brown mane. She is the definition of beauty to me.
  • My heart throbs in my chest whenever my eyes land on her. I wish to know more about her, like her name. What is the reason behind her sadness, and many more?
  • “We are here," Lucas said, diverting my attention from my mate to him.
  • I nodded, carrying my mate as I made my way to the opulent presidential suite.
  • “Who are you?” I heard the sweet but low voice of my mate as I was trying to open the suite door, balancing her weight in my arms.
  • “Good thing you are awake now,” I said, walking inside the luxurious suite.
  • She shook her head against my shoulder, her grip on the collar of my shirt tight and urgent. “I’m not feeling well,” she mumbled, trying to get away from me.
  • “You okay? Do you want me to put you down?" I asked, and she nodded her head at my words, as soon as her legs touched the ground, she ran towards the bathroom, emptying herself on the toilet seat.
  • I stood beside her, gently pushing her hair back from her face and patting her back. “You okay?" She shook her head at my words, and I saw all her clothes getting dirty from her puke.
  • I quickly grabbed a towel and helped her clean up, making sure she was comfortable. “Let me help you; clean it,” I said, helping her inside the shower, turning the faucet at full blast, with my hands holding her shoulder and supporting her as the warm water started raining above both of us.
  • “Who are you? And what is this place?” She asked, staring at me with confusion in her eyes.
  • A soft smile graced my lips as I understood her disorientation following the ordeal. She looked so beautiful, awake, and talking despite the chaos around her. “I'll tell you everything.”
  • "Okay, but..." she said, looking uncomfortable at my presence.
  • “Do you want me to leave?” I asked, sensing her unease.
  • She nodded her head. "Okay, then call me if you need anything.” I walked out of the bathroom, letting her devour her alone time. Soon, there will be a time when she feels ready to share her thoughts and feelings with me. Until then, I will give her the space she needs to process everything that has happened.
  • But now I have to take care of my mate first. She needs some new clothes, along with some food, after puking everything out of her system.
  • I called and ordered all the items necessary, and just as I finished my conversation, the bathroom door opened, and she walked out wearing my bathrobe.
  • I walked towards her, holding her shoulder, and made her sit on the couch. “You okay?" I asked again, wanting to make sure that she was really fine.
  • She nodded her head, her eyes focused on me. “Why are you helping me?”
  • I hesitated briefly, gazing into her eyes. 'Because you are special to me,' I yearned to confess, baring my true emotions. But I shook my head. This is not the right way to share my secret with her.
  • “I did nothing; I just supported you when you needed me the most. I don’t even know what would have happened if I wasn’t there with you.” I spoke, trying my best to control my rage in front of her.
  • “And this..." she asks, pointing her hand to the hotel room.
  • I smiled and gently took her hand in mine. “You fainted in my arms. I didn't know your address, so I decided to bring you here.” I explained, my voice filled with concern.
  • "I couldn't bear the thought of leaving you alone in that state, so I carried you to the nearest hotel and stayed by your side until you woke up." She looked at me, her eyes softening with gratitude.
  • "Okay," she said faintly, with her roaming surroundings and taking in the unfamiliar hotel room. “So… what?”
  • I could see the confusion in her eyes as she glanced around the unfamiliar hotel room. "Well," I began, “I don’t know... You can leave if you want to or stay the night in here.” I said, taking her hand in mine.
  • “Stay with me for the night,” I said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.