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Chapter 190 Willingly Surrender

  • Mabel said, “The novels are unrealistic, but the alchemy of Divine Realm is based on science. That is the significant difference between the two.”
  • “How is it based on science?” queried Jonathan.
  • “Alchemy is strenuous work. There are not many real alchemists in the world, thus the pills are rare. A good elixir pill requires many herbs, but the herbs contain different poisons and may reject one another. An excellent alchemist can extract the essence from the herbs and refine them as an elixir pill. Do you ever wonder why they are pills?”
  • Jonathan was lost. “What do you mean?”
  • “I mean, why is the essence being refined as a round pill rather than other shapes?” asked Mabel.
  • Realization struck Jonathan. He felt curious and repeated, “Yeah! Why are the pills round?”
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