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Win My Heart

Win My Heart

Kwin Jevly

Update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • It's another beautiful morning, the sunrise invades the room through the closed glass windows, thus disturbing the sleeping beauty.
  • Not welcoming it, she tightened her eyelids and pulled the blanket over her head covering her totally. Well. looks like luck wasn't shining on her because her phone started ringing.
  • “It's high time i change this ringing tune”. She snorted, not liking the fact that she was being interrupted from her sweet slumber. “And who the heck is calling so early this morning”. She stretched her hand and carried her phone from her reading table. She picked immediately, not checking to see the caller's id.
  • “Happy birthday baby girl !”. Her parents screamed at the same time. She gasped.
  • “Oh my God, thanks a lot mum and dad. To be honest I didn't remember today was my birthday”. She said happily.
  • “We know right ! and the fact that you left us here in Canada to Nigeria makes it worse. We would have shut down the city to celebrate your twentieth birthday party”. Her mother, Mrs. Lydia Williams said.
  • “Come on mum, I love it here in Nigeria. I can always come over to visit you both”. She pouted.
  • “If you say so baby girl, your mum and I have a long day at work today”. her father said. She rolled her eyes.
  • "Dad, I'm twenty. That's 2 and 0, so I'm now a woman or better still a lady and not a baby girl".
  • "Alright baby". Her mum replied carelessly.
  • "Mum !" She yelled, she knew pretty sure that her mother said that on purpose.
  • "Have a nice day baby girl, we love you".
  • "I love you both too".
  • They hang up. She signed in relief and sat back.
  • Just as she was about dropping the phone, it started ringing all over again.
  • "Sweet heart". She yelled happily.
  • “Happy birthday to my sweetest angel”. Wilfred, her boyfriend said.
  • Her name is Blossom Williams, she resides with her parents in Canada but she decided to come back to Nigeria, their country. She is in charge of one of her father's companies in the country, though she is known as the CEO.
  • She's endowed with beauty, any man will be so lucky to have her. She has a boyfriend, Wilfred. They love each other so much. Though he's from Nigeria, he went on a business trip to Italy.
  • "Alright babe, have a fun filled day ahead". He said and ended the call. she smiled while holding the phone.
  • The frown appeared on her face when her phone started ringing yet another time. She picked immediately.
  • “Happy birthday girl !” Ray, her best friend shouted.
  • "Thank you best bite !" She yelled as well. Her face beamed with a smile.
  • Ray wasn't left out, he called her to wish her a happy birthday. They talked at length before ending the call, still, calls from different people kept coming in.
  • ~~~~~~
  • Noel descended the stairs, walking into the living room. And there; his father sat...
  • “Dad !” Noel called, walking towards his father and then sat beside him on the couch.
  • "Yes son?" Mr. Chris smith, Noel's father answered more like asking a question. Not sparing Noel a glance, he was so engrossed in his paper work and didn't look like he would welcome any distraction of any kind.
  • “Dad ! you don't have to overwork yourself, at least you need space". Noel breathed out.
  • "Really !" He looked at his son, and when Noel nodded he dropped what he was doing and sat up. Looks like he had a lot to say. "So tell me" he continued "If I take a break, who will do my work ?"
  • "Come on dad, i'm I not your son ?
  • I can do this dad and as a matter of fact I'm old enough to be the CEO. And I'll be 25 in two weeks, remember ?" he raised an eyebrow. All this while, his dad watched him silently, with a broad smile on his face, nodding at intervals. Quite an intelligent son, he go right ?
  • "I know all of that son". He paused "But you know I can't hand over my company to a single man who knows nothing about being responsible".
  • "Dad !" he yelled. For Pete' sake he couldn't believe his ears right now, probably he didn't hear well but that didn't look like the case.
  • "You don't mean it dad". He concluded, rollings his eyes.
  • "I do, getting married gives you a sense of responsibility. So get married and I'll let you take over the company".
  • "You don't get it dad, I mean getting married has nothing to do with being responsible. Besides, I know all these things and I've been doing them most times, so how does have to do with being married". He narrated with patience, perhaps his dad would see from his perspective.
  • "Whatever it is" Mr. Smith paused, he knew there's nothing he could say to modify his son but truth be told, he also wanted to be a father in law, most especially a grandfather. He was determined to do everything possible for his son to get married. He was definitely tired and needed relief, he could have handed over the company to his son but he needed a tool to hasten his dream. He also wanted to boast to his friends about his grandchildren as all his friends do, he was tired of feeling left out.
  • "I'll hand over the company to you once you are married, i can't hand it over to a single you Noel ''. He raised an eyebrow. Letting his words sink in, he continued "what i'm i even saying, you don't even have a girlfriend. Weird". He rolled his eyes.
  • Noel scoffed, is this man seating before him really his father ?
  • Alright he lost his mother, and apart from his best friend, Manuel, his dad knew every single female he dated, he also knew how they'll accept him because he was rich, and when they thought they had it all they'll leave him broken and confused. So why would he say these when he knows this is clearly not his fault.
  • "I do have a girlfriend". He said suddenly.