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Chapter 8

  • Willow began sniffing her clothes as he couldn't tear his nose away from the gown.
  • Turning around to face him, Arabella's eyes widened when she saw who it was. Putting on her best seductive smile.
  • "Hello Mr Willow." She said and Willow stopped what he was doing and glanced up to meet her eyes. "I am Arabella, what are you doing in Bradford?"
  • He couldn't tell her he ran all the way from Derby to Bradford to kill a family he ended up not killing.
  • "Came here to see you." Willow didn't know when he blurted out those words. The scent he was perceiving was driving him insane. "I mean I came here to see a client of mine and decided to come here and-" he was interrupted by Arabella.
  • "Catch some fun, right?"
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