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Chapter 7 Everything Changed

  • Just like every night, l stayed awake in thoughts but this time when I felt the bed dip beside me, l shakily moved closer to him. I honestly needed to feel something just for once, l want to feel that spark we had before. I wanted him to hold me just like he did when I was still beautiful and young.
  • "I'm tired get off of me", Just as I was cuddling up near him, he groaned out angrily and at that l wordlessly and shyly moved away from him to my side. " What's happening with us , are you not happy with me, tell me what to do to make you want me, talk to me ", Hurt , the words lastly tumbled out of my mouth.
  • He just snorted in reply but still that didn't make me change the plan I had in my bed. I had beared up for a long time. Now it was the time to take action. With this l wordlessly lifted up the covers and crawled under the bed. I now wanted to feel loved. Carefully, l pulled his soft cock out of his boxers, got it in my hand and then wrapped my lips over his cock.
  • I sucked hard, trying my level best to make him hard but then unfortunately it didn't work though. " Go to sleep Alexa , l have had a long day and morning is approaching " , He murmured while pulling my head from his cock . This time tears began to fall down my face and slowly l made my way to my side. Thank God it was dark because no matter how hard I was hurt, l didn't want him to know it.
  • The minute l was off him, he turned on the other side so that l would't be near him. With my eyes facing his back, l shook my head in pain. Though we were on the same bed, l could guess it that he felt so far away. I had even a thought that he even helped me to come over and sleep on the same bed with me. I would have also slept with Jessica but l didn't want them to know that am not well.
  • That night l slept so much that l didn't even hear my alarm go off. I didn't even hear Mark as he showered. However as soon as I did wake up, there was screaming and crying downstairs.
  • " What ? ", Eyes snapping open, l looked at the time. I felt like cursing myself when I saw that it was already 8." I don't sleep this much , l never stay in bed this late " , Face palming, l quickly rushed to pull my dressing gown on, then hurriedly ran downstairs . My mouth i'mmediately fall open when I realized the state Ivan was in. He was screaming out my name loudly as Chrissy and Jessica tried to calm him down .
  • " What the hell is happening?, Where is your dad ? ", I asked quickly while carrying Ivan in my arms . " He's gone, mummy. He said that he has work to do. He didn't care about us. He had more important things to do ". I heard the hurt in Chrissy's voice as she explained everything to me.
  • At that instant, l felt like crying. She was too young to feel this way. I have tried my level best to bear up with Mark but this was too much, involving the kids wasn't needed. I was fine with him ignoring me and looking at me like some piece of trash but l didn't want him to treat the kids in the same way.
  • " Why didn't you wake up my darling?, okay forget it, let me prepare you a quick breakfast then I'll take you to Bella's mother, okay ? ". After gathering myself, l came up with a plan. Right l didn't want to stress Bella's parents but this had to be solved. I needed a night without the kids and then ask him why he was behaving like that.
  • " Are we going right now ? ", Jessica asked as she watched me prepare their breakfast. " Yes right now ", l smiled at her. They all loved Bella's parents. They were good not like my mother. After giving them their breakfast, l quickly packed up their stuff then drove them to Bella's parents.
  • In the minutes that followed up, l was in my house relieved. I have got a night without the kids and it only meant that me and Mark were going to finally have our time alone, talk about what went wrong and then sort everything. Happy, l got my phone out of my purse. I needed to ring him and tell him to come back home early. After last night it made me realize that l needed to get our relationship back on the right track.
  • Seated down, I reached out and dialed his name. it rung and rung but still I waited patiently .
  • "come on Mark pick up ", l gritted my teeth as I dialed his number again. It again rung and rung but he didn't pick up. Still this didn't make me stop, l rung him for three times until when it went straight to voicemail.
  • Puzzled, l dropped down the phone. He whether intentionally didn't want to answer my call or perhaps he was busy. " Let me just turn up to his work , his boss won't mind ", As l sat, a thought popped up in my head. I wasn't afraid because l knew his boss. He is easy and he has been married for 35 years. His wife Mey is also sweet and loves my kids.
  • With this thought, l immediately picked up my purse then drove straight to Mark's office. After pulling up in the drive way, I said hi to Eric the man at the door then made my way to the reception. Carefully l made my way to Harriet the blonde haired receptionist . " Hi Harriet, is Mark busy, l want to speak to him ", l said with a smile on my face but then it immediately vanished from my face when she raised up her head. She glared at me angrily as if l had something wrong to her. She used to be my friend before. When I was still young with no kids. l used to spend my time with Mark in his office but things have now changed.