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Chapter 7 Daddy's Sex Pet seven

  • “Dad, I really love you. I don't know, but I think I am having deep feelings for you. I know that what I am saying now is crazy and unacceptable, " She couldn't keep her eyes on him so she lowered her eyes down his chest and continued, "but it isn't just a canal lust or common sexual attraction. As I was coming home, I was scared by how I was feeling. That was one of the reason why I was crying. Ever since I saw you yesterday stroking your dick, with my name, I've never gotten myself. I knew you may be attracted to me sexual, "She summoned courage and raised her face again to his face and continue, "but I don't know if you want me Emotionally or you just filled with lust. I know it's wrong to say this but my pussy is so hungry and needy for your dick. I don't know if I will ever be happy until I have you dick dip inside me with your big dick. Before you judge me, I want you to understand that this is not lust. I am not lusting on you, but rather, I'm having deep feelings for you. I don't want you to be upset that I want you more than just a father. I want you to be my lover. l.." Sandra had not finished talking, and she interrupted.
  • “Enough!" Sandra thought he was going to send her to her and never looked at her again as he said that.
  • “Sandra, did you realize that I am your stepdad? How you got the courage to say all these things is what I don't understand. I am your stepdad. That I am stroking and calling your name doesn't mean that I want you. I was jacking off with the porn and not you." He paused for a couple of minutes before he continued.
  • "How can you even be spying on me? Spying on your stepdad? I can tell you the fact that I am angry with you and I am trying to calm myself down. I am trying to be as gentle as I can to you. But what the fuck is going through your head?” He said, trying to portray himself as if what Sandra was thinking was opposite of what he had in mind.
  • Sandra saw that her sweet step daddy was getting harsher, though she found his loud voice to be comforting and loving.
  • “I love you just as a father love his daughter. How could you ever think of that of me?"
  • "Why won't I? You love me more than how a dad loves his daughter. You don't have to pretend. We just shared a passionate kiss moments ego. I kissed you dad and you responded. Right now you are hard because of me. I can feel your huge dick poking my ass. I know you are scared because I'm your step daughter. You are saying this because it's wrong but who cares. What matters now is our happiness. You want me and I want you as well and that I what matters. Who knows, maybe we are meant to be for each other.
  • "Sandra you need to understand I'm a human being. I'm hard because you are sitting on top of me. I have blood running through my veins."
  • "Then why did you gave in when I kissed you? Why didn't you stop me? Why didn't you push me away? You enjoyed the kiss, you can't deny that. I promise I won't tell tell my mom. I want you. I want to be your pet. I want you all for myself. I want you to forget about my mom and have me. She's old and I'm young and sexy. I want to be your sex pet. I want to be all yours." Sandra said, causing her step daddy's dick to get more harder under her ass. He was getting so turned on.
  • "I love your mom. I cannot have you. I cannot be fucking my wife and my daughter. I can't deny the fact I wanted to feel you but it's just a fantasy. I never thought of fucking you for real."
  • "But what if I make your fantasy come true. You always wanted this to happen and not just end in fantasy. You are just scared bacause you thought I will hate you if you if you do. Now you can see the feelings is mutual. I will be very happy if you will divorce my mother and have me. What do you think." Sandra couldn't believe she just said that. She could see the shock on her step daddy's face.
  • “ is this how much you hate your mother?” she ask her
  • “I didn't say I hate my mother. what I want is my happiness, and I don't give a fuck what it will cost to get what I want. If you don't want to divorce her, then let me be your secret lover. Your secret sex pet."
  • "What the fuck! I can see you are just a wicked naughty girl. And right now I am not going to give you what you want, but what you need. I am going to spank the hell out of you. I know that I should be more sensitive to what you want right now, but I am furious with you. You are a bad naughty girl.
  • Sandra could see the anger in his eyes. She just made a mistake by mentioning her lovely wife, by telling him to divorce his lovely wife. His step daddy's voice was even, but she could still sense the anger in his voice. But Instead of freaking her out, it turned her on more.
  • She knew she was putting him through a lot at the moment by exposing his little secret, telling him she wanted him all for herself. She could not just control teasing him.
  • “Do it. Spank your little naughty stepdaughter." Sandra thought her voice would come out like a whisper, but she was happy that her voice came out loud with confidence. She knew what she want and what her stepdad want. She knew he was just trying to scare her.
  • “Excuse me?”
  • "Yes, you heard me right daddy. Go ahead and spank me. I'm sure it's one of your dirty fantasy about me. You have always wanted to spank your little stepdaughter's ass and this is an opportunity." His finger dug into her ass as she said that. In her step Daddy's eyes, she couldn't see that he was getting pissed. She was supposed to be scared, but rather she was excited.