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Chapter 2 Five Whores Adventure:_2

  • Faith was waiting on the dock when we tied up. I assumed she was there to see her father. I marveled at how much my little friend had changed. She used to have a round snotty-nosed face with huge wide-set blue eyes and long blond pigtails. That face had lengthened into a thing of beauty, lovely high cheekbones, straight nose, pointed chin and full kissable lips.
  • Faith was wearing a light linen dress. It was hot and she had been sweating. So, it clung to her big boobs and nubile hips in a way that nobody could miss. When we landed, she rocketed past her father and threw herself into MY arms. I grabbed her and hugged her, surprised. She said, "Oh Jacob, I missed you so much."
  • That was in front of her dad and the rest of the men, all of whom were giving her lustful stares. I mean, we'd been at sea for almost a half year and the focsle is no place to beat off. I looked into her face and she was crying. I said, "I love you Faith." I hadn't planned it. I just blurted it out. But I knew it was true the minute I said it. She said, "I love you too," and we kissed.
  • That bought me five minutes of manly grief. But it was worth it because from that point on it never entered either of our minds that we wouldn't marry. The nuptials were finalized in Grace Episcopal on the twelfth of May in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty-seven. We were both eighteen.
  • New Bedford wasn't as Puritanical as the areas up around Boston. But that didn't mean we were allowed to take liberties beyond the occasional embrace. Those restrictions went over the side the minute we said, "I do."
  • Our parents were both wealthy. So, they'd set us up in a little saltbox house on Acushnet Heights. It was a pretty, three room cottage with a big stone fireplace and nice wrap-around front porch. The sea breeze was refreshing sitting out there in a rocker.
  • On our wedding night, I came back from my nightly visit to the outhouse, to find my new wife propped up, pillows at her back, wearing a flannel nighty. The moonlight through the window illuminated a fine brass bed. It was a wedding present from my grandparents.
  • She gazed timidly at me as I shucked my long johns, pulled the covers aside, and lay down next to her. I might be an apprentice boatsteerer and a wizard with the harpoon. But I was as nervous as she was.
  • We had been almost exclusive companions for two thirds of our life. But that was by far our most intimate moment. We'd kissed, of course. But those were mild displays of affection. We both knew that tonight's event was something entirely different and neither of us was experienced enough to even know how to take the first step.
  • Faith was lying back, looking at me with a touch of fear in her eyes. I lowered my face to her lush lips. The spark was instantaneous. The closeness we 'd shared growing up unleashed a tidal-wave of passion.
  • Faith moaned loudly and her mouth opened. My tongue instinctively headed for hers. We held that kiss for what seemed like hours. Just getting prepared for the act to follow. She exhaled a series of rapid breaths. It was as if she was hyperventilating. Then she sat up and frantically pulled her nighty over her head. Her body was heart-stoppingly beautiful.
  • Faith's big boobs had been a topic of conversation for every teenage boy in New Bedford. Now, there they were!! They were even prouder and fuller than we'd all imagined, with wide pink circles on the tip and jutting nipples perfectly located in the middle.
  • Growing up, Faith had been a skinny little girl. Her waist and legs were still tiny. But her hips had broadened to a lushness that promised both strength and fertility and her flanks were as tight and powerful as a little filly's. I just gazed at my new wife in wonder.
  • Her tits jiggled and jogged as she threw her nighty aside. I reached over and hefted one, awestruck by its substantial weightiness. The size of the thing emphasized the disparity between Faith the girl, and Faith the woman.
  • I tweaked the rapidly growing nipple. That produced an unexpectedly violent reaction. The instant I squeezed it Faith uttered a loud, almost startled, cry. She might be a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter. But she dragged me between her legs like the crew manhandles a whale. I'd forgotten how naturally pugnacious she was.
  • Neither of us had any experience with the other's sexual equipment. So, there was an uncertain moment as we got accustomed to the terrain. Still, the concept is age-old, and the design is so intuitive, that we rapidly discovered how things fit. It was extremely hot and slippery down there, which was baffling. But we were bathed in a scent that made me crazy.
  • The human animal has a few basic instincts and one of those is the act of sex. So, I just acted. Faith gave a loud gasp as I slid up into her. There was a momentary obstruction and she gave a cry of pain, clutching me. Then she made a long groan of satisfaction. The continuation up her passage was just nature taking its course. It was pure reflex.
  • I could feel her arms around my neck and her feet braced against the bed, as she pounded back against me. I was totally out of control by that point. It was the culmination of a dozen years of intimate comradeship, and it had built itself into a tidal wave of need for this woman.
  • Faith was panting loudly, grimacing, mouth wide open in a rictus of sensation. Then she began making rhythmic "ahh-ahh-ahh" noises, like a person about to sneeze. In fact, what followed was exactly like a violent sneeze. Except, it was in her nether regions. Then my new wife proceeded to buck and writhe like she was suffering intense pain. It probably would have alarmed me if my balls weren't experiencing their own violent seizure.
  • After the moaning and shouting rumpus had died down, we lay there exhausted. I ultimately got enough of my sanity back to look at her sweet face. She was looking back at me with a mixture of wonderment and unease. I think she was worried that her animal behavior during our first nuptial voyage would somehow put me off.
  • I looked her squarely in the eye and said in a voice suffused with emotion, "We've loved each other since we were mucking around on the Acushnet. This just seals the deal. You're mine forever." Her face got a jubilant look as she said, "That's all I ever wanted, my love."