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Chapter 1024 He Hates Betrayal

  • Finally, Ji Zeyan's stomach growled, indicating his hunger. Under the dim light, both of their faces turned slightly red. Yan Yi was playfully teased by him, while Ji Zeyan felt a bit embarrassed. It was quite unusual for a woman to still be hungry at this hour, especially for him. Yan Yi, with her black and bright eyes, looked at him and asked, "Lord Ji, haven't you had dinner?" Ji Zeyan got out of bed and ordered, "I'm starving, cook something for me." It was ridiculous that he had been hungry since three o'clock in the afternoon until now. Yan Yi responded with an "Oh" and went to turn on the lights. She asked, "I've been away in the countryside for a long time, and there's nothing in the fridge. Should we order takeout?" Ji Zeyan was very particular about his food and not easy to please. He said, "Let's go out to eat." Yan Yi glanced at the window. It was already late at night. However, if the boss wanted to eat out, she couldn't refuse. Yan Yi was about to say that she would tidy up before going out, but Ji Zeyan had already pulled her out of the door. He glanced at her and said, "Who else would look at you in the middle of the night?" Except for him. Yan Yi pursed her lips and said, "I'm afraid of embarrassing Lord Ji, that's why." Ji Zeyan: Well, at least she still considered him. They went to Yipinju. Despite the late hour, there were still quite a few people eating supper there. Hot pot is usually eaten at night, but after playing bumper cars, I've already burned a lot of calories. However, when I saw so many delicate desserts, I couldn't resist eating a lot of them. Seeing her good appetite, Ji Zeyan couldn't help but be curious, "Do aspiring female celebrities have no self-control?" The female celebrities I've met before all eat very little, like lettuce salad, and don't even touch rice, let alone sweets. Yan Yi held a piece of sesame mung bean cake in her hand and teased, "If I become fat and ugly, will you still support me, Ji Ye?" Ji Zeyan's eyes were playful, and there was a hint of wickedness in his smile. "If you become fat and ugly, I won't want you anymore." Yan Yi put down the piece of sesame mung bean cake and sighed, pretending to be disappointed, "Ah, men are really superficial." "Aren't women the same?" Well, that's true. Women are the same. They also find handsome men pleasing to the eye. Ji Zeyan looked at her when she stopped eating and raised an eyebrow, "You're really not eating anymore?" "I'm not." It was already past eleven o'clock at night, and eating so much late-night snack was indeed a bit sinful, especially since she had an audition tomorrow. After a while, Ji Zeyan picked up a shrimp dumpling and handed it to her mouth. Yan Yi instinctively opened her mouth. However, this man's slender arm bent, and he stuffed the shrimp dumpling into his own mouth. Yan Yi: "..." And this man, with a smile on his face that was both wicked and seductive, was especially charming. Yan Yi suddenly realized that the mature man in front of her sometimes resembled a mischievous big boy. Yan Yi watched him eat while lying on the table. Ji Zeyan finally showed some kindness and held a piece of cloud cake with his long fingers, offering it to her. She didn't open her mouth, afraid that he would tease her. Ji Zeyan suppressed his laughter, his eyebrows and eyes showing a touch of seriousness. He lowered his gaze and said to her, "I'm not teasing you." Yan Yi sat up straight, quickly opened her mouth, and bit off the cloud cake from his hand. Her teeth accidentally knocked against his finger, causing a slight pain.
  • Yan Yi covered her mouth and looked up to meet Ji Zeyan's dark and profound eyes, shimmering like stars.
  • She didn't detect any trace of mockery in them. They were gentle, unlike anything she had seen before.
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