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Chapter 6

  • Story Three
  • Caroline could feel their hands running all over her body. Three guys, three pairs of hands, each focusing on a different area of her body.
  • Three college boys, as good-looking as any she'd ever seen. They'd chatted her up at a bar while her friends looked on, and to make them jealous she decided to take off with all of them. It wasn't until they were in the car on the way back that she found out their names: Peter, the soccer player, lithe and toned; John, the football player, built and strong; and Jason, the basketball player, muscular, but with soft hands. In the car, they'd made small talk, while the sexual tension had built up around them. They were painfully shy, but Caroline had become used to it. Most were when they first met her; a 5. 8" brunette with shoulder-length hair, 34CC breasts, and legs to die for. Back at Peter's house she had stood in the middle of the living room and said, "So are you guys going to touch me or not?"
  • "How about it boys? Do you all want to fuck me?" She looked at each of them with lust-filled eyes.
  • "Hell yeah!" they chimed in unison. "Well, how about getting these clothes off me?" In a flash they were all over her, one ripping her shirt off, the other two pulling off her skirt. Her bra came off easily and her panties provided little resistance to the well-muscled men that stood in front of her.
  • "Now that's not fair boys. Here I am naked and you guys aren't even undressed. Now strip!" Moments later she admired their naked frames and their sizeable cocks. "That's what I like to see. " Licking her lips she dropped to her knees in front of John and planted her mouth right onto his cock. Reaching out she masturbated the others while she sucked and licked John's cock. She could feel each cock expanding, and she would stop sucking now and then to talk to them, "Come on boys, do you like seeing me suck cock? Do you want to feel my mouth as well?" She decided to alternate between each cock, and before long all the boys were dying to cum in her mouth.
  • But Caroline had other plans. She lay back onto tTonofaand invited them to do what they wanted. In a flash, Jason had grabbed her legs, and thrust his cock into her soaking pussy, while the other two flanked her and massaged her breasts. Caroline grabbed the two free cocks and stroked them while Jason fucked her. "Come on Jason, yeah I love your cock in my wet pussy. Fuck me please, that's it, I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel your cum shooting inside me. Oooh, that's it!" Jason moaned and grabbed her hips as he shouted out, "Oh yes!" and began to ejaculate inside her. She could feel the spunk shooting into her and she moaned out her first orgasm of the night. Jason was soon replaced by Peter, who decided that he felt like fucking her from behind. So Caroline got on her knees on the floor, spunk still dripping from her pussy, and let Jason grind his hips into hers from behind. John positioned himself in front of her, and she attacked his cock with gusto, vigorously bobbing her head up and down, letting his huge cock slip into her throat.
  • Soon she had built up a rhythm, each thrust from Peter pushing John's cock into her throat. She would lift her lips from John now and then to continue to talk dirty. Before long she heard Peter start to groan, so she started to caress John's balls. "Come on boys, I want you guys to cum all over me!" She quickly pulled away from them and lay down. "Cum on me!" She rubbed her pussy and played with her breasts as they masturbated over her, and it wasn't long before their cocks exploded, spraying over her face and her breasts while she moaned with her second orgasm of the night, "Yes, that's it, cum all over me uuh, I love being covered with cum. "
  • "Thanks, boys." The image dissolved in front of her. First, the visor came off, then the body suit as she stripped off her work clothes. Then a shower to wash the sweat off. Porn was boring, but it paid well, so she did it to make ends meet while trying to work her way up to bigger things. People were so predictable. She had done the cum slut routine so many times it was easy money. At least those college boys were good-looking though. The worse was ugly old men drooling over her, while she had to watch and smile as if she was loving every minute of it. Very rarely she would get a guy that treated her like a real person, and she would exploit that to the full, sometimes even experiencing an orgasm herself. Absentmindedly her hands crept down to massage her clit. It had been a long time since she'd had real sex. Her other hand played with her nipples as she had a small orgasm in the shower.
  • As she walked home a small feeling of despair came over her. Caroline had become an X-tress with dreams of becoming famous, but at the moment she was consigned to doing porn to make ends meet, like so many others in the trade. She knew she had talent, but how was she going to get recognized?
  • Many years ago a businessman by the name of Bill Gates had a brainstorm. Bill was a big man in the computer industry; having established his software as the major platform through a sense of business savvy and a little bit of talent. One day he got fed up with swimming through his money like Scrooge McDuck and decided to devote his time to a new project known as the X-box. You see, Bill had seen Sony rake in billions with a little grey box that people played games on. So why not make his own? Cleverly Bill decided to make his X-box a processing masterpiece that would display the best graphics ever seen.
  • Soon after Bill Gates had made his pool of money a bit deeper. The X-box had delivered the most realistic gaming experience ever seen, and the punters were lapping it up. So Bill, wanting to build a new vault, decided that the only way to take this success further was to make it fully realistic. Ten years later the X-suit was born. A full-body suit that was fully flexible and could completely replicate any experience (including sex). Thanks to the internet becoming a global network with unlimited transfer speeds, it became a doddle to set up simulations catering to all tastes.
  • At first, the simulations were simple, small scenarios, while people experimented. Before long companies were setting up interactive soap operas where 'you' decide what happens. Not long after that, the porn companies had clicked. Soon there were many competing soaps where a few X-tors would gently push the story along while the punters did whatever they felt like within the scenario. The beauty of the setup was that people could watch what was happening without having to get into a suit and play. Eventually, X-shows became the most popular on the web (TV having kicked the bucket a long time ago to make way for the global communications revolution), and anyone starring in these shows became a household name.
  • After all that we come to the situation of Caroline. Caroline had entered the business three years ago, dreaming of fame, but only experiencing limited success. A couple of parts had fallen flat as studios axed bad ideas for soaps, and she had resorted to porn in desperation. Ironically she had become pretty well known for it, but she didn't want to be typecast as a porn X-tress for the rest of her life. Every night she wished for things to change, and this night was no different as she lay down in bed, and prayed for that big break.
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