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Chapter 99 Dexter Wilson

  • “They couldn't survive initially. They were put into a sack with a huge rock tied to it. They were then thrown into the Pollerton sea. However, they were lucky, as a fishing boat that passed by saved them,” Nigel continued.
  • Hearing that, Conner fell into deep contemplation.
  • Not long after, he continued asking, “What do you think of Jennifer's land reclamation idea?”
  • The corner of Nigel's lips curled as he put on a disdainful smile. “It's total bullsh*t! It's just her wishful thinking! That area is a conservation area. Even though most of the endangered fishes there have migrated, a Class One Conservation Area will always be a Class One Conservation Area. No individual, regardless of how influential they are, could downgrade it to a Class Four Conservation Area. The approval for land reclamation could not be obtained even if you propose it in person. It would require two-thirds of members from the Paradise Sept to vote to obtain approval! Who would be able to gain approval in this country?”
  • Conner answered, “There are still a few.”
  • “Are those even humans? They must be gods. Since they are gods, why do they need the approval still? I will humiliate her later. I will let her know that she is nothing without me!” said Nigel with contempt.
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