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Chapter 91 Uninvited Guests

  • In an instant, tears welled up in Reina's eyes. “I have always respected you. Is our friendship less valuable than Scarlet Swan Villa?”
  • “Why do you think I invested ten million in you when I have only seen you once?” Emma began to sound harsh. “Firstly, it's because you're beautiful. Secondly, you know how to earn money. Do you think I'll be grateful for such a short ride in a rickety van? Reina, if you want to continue doing business in Pollerton, you'd better listen to me. As I already stated, I won't allow you to give even one percent of Scarlet Swan Villa's equity to others. As for Donald Campbell, just leave him to die!”
  • Having said that, she hung up the phone.
  • Sitting on the chair, Reina closed her eyes again and only opened them after a long time. A hint of determination flashed across her eyes as she looked at the time. It was already ten o'clock at night, and she only had one hour until her appointment with Jasper.
  • The next moment, she took a stack of documents from the safety deposit box.
  • It was Scarlet Swan Villa's equity certificate, as well as a pile of qualification certificates.
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