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Chapter 87 Super Satellite GPS System

  • It was a super satellite positioning system. The positioning accuracy would be within a few tens of millimeters once 112 satellites were launched. If it were outfitted with strategic weapons such as intercontinental missiles, it would become a precision-strike system for land warfare.
  • Needless to say, the entire world would be terrified of this land warfare precision-strike system.
  • The launch base was spread across four uninhabited places in the country, but the laboratory and launch control terminal were both located in Pollerton.
  • If Donald had guessed correctly, that was Noah's target.
  • Noah had smuggled a huge quantity of human saliva, blood, and urine samples into the country. His goal was unclear, but he had to be up to something. Hence, Donald did not dare to take the matter lightly.
  • Even though Noah was not the strongest opponent he had faced over the years, he was unquestionably the toughest enemy Donald had. He was involved in too many things. No one knew where he had wormed his way.
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