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Chapter 81 Trade War Plotters

  • “I believe that everyone has a duty to protect and not eat wild animals!” Reina spoke with integrity. “I think everyone is concerned about the cost right now. I'm thinking of turning the scarlet swan into a luxury edible that I can sell for one thousand per five hundred grams. Each one has a dedicated logistics channel that provides door-to-door delivery.”
  • One scarlet swan weighed about four kilograms. That would cost around seven thousand to eight thousand.
  • Ordinary people would find it extremely pricey, but for those who were curious, the cost was completely within their means.
  • “It's a gift designed to entertain guests,” Reina stated, using Pollerton Television as a platform for advertising.
  • The netizens were stirred again, and the reporter's face was filled with resignation.
  • They were supposed to be here for an interview. How did it turn into an advertisement?
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