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Chapter 76 What Is Going On

  • A great trepidation filled Finnegan's heart, and he had no other option but to treat Frankie respectfully.
  • Thinking that Frankie was here to pick on Rafe, Finnegan immediately severed all ties with Rafe, as he feared that he would be implicated in the situation himself.
  • Frankie merely eyed Finnegan coldly without saying a single word. However, he was actually observing Rafe through the corner of his eyes, pondering about how he could please the latter.
  • I must not be too lax around someone worthy of Mr. Campbell's personal intervention.
  • When Finnegan saw Frankie's expression, he thought the latter was here to seek trouble with Rafe, so he emphasized again. “Mr. Yates, this useless man has nothing to do with us! Faye will divorce him immediately.”
  • The expression on Frankie's face was unfathomable as he asked, “Useless man? Divorce?”
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