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Chapter 75 Going To Divorce Him

  • A sudden commotion arose with angry yells embedded in it.
  • Lana frowned slightly before a sneer was formed on her face. After giving it a thought, she walked aside and hid behind the curtains to see what the bully was up to.
  • The door was suddenly kicked open in the next moment. Soon, a topless middle-aged man sauntered into the room. Nine dragons were tattooed on his rather short and plump body. He had a bowl cut and looked like someone one would not mess around with.
  • He was Finnegan Scott, Faye's father as well as Rafe's father-in-law.
  • As soon as he entered the room, he eyed Rafe on the bed viciously. “You bastard, I think you have a death wish!”
  • Rafe shuddered after hearing Finnegan's voice and immediately wanted to sit up on the bed.
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