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Chapter 56 Boss Of Donter Pictures

  • Not far away behind the barricades, there were rows after rows of fans screaming.
  • The door attendants stood in two rows beside Wynter.
  • These door attendants were actually the thirty-two talented artists who were about to sign with Donter Pictures.
  • If Donald was here, he would be able to recognize a few of them. There was Rebecca's sister, Yvette, and Irene.
  • Although they were standing together with smiles on their faces, they felt excited yet terrified.
  • They were excited because they were about to sign with Donter Pictures. With Donter Pictures' resources and capabilities, it was a guarantee that they would be made famous. On the other hand, they were terrified as Wynter had warned them to put on their best performance beforehand because Donter Pictures' boss was coming to inspect.
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