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Chapter 51 Meeting Jennifer Again

  • “We can use reverse psychology in this case and spread more negative news,” said Donald.
  • Reina was intelligent and caught the meaning behind his suggestion immediately. “What shall we do after that?”
  • “We can spend three days creating and spreading rumors to enlarge our weaknesses. Not only that, but we can also find a most sensitive and important topic that can catch everyone's attention to make the gossip trending. We can do so using Pollerton Television.” Donald narrowed his eyes as he made that suggestion.
  • Aren't you powerful, Nigel? I'll love to see if you can outmaneuver me while I reserve my trump card.
  • “But what about Nigel?” Reina asked.
  • Hearing that, Donald sneered, “If he uses the influence of the Wilson family of Tayhaven, I'll let him have a taste of my unstoppable plan.”
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