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Chapter 30 Forced To Divorce

  • A news presenter reported: “For the first time in Pollerton's history, Pollerton Pharma has encountered a disruption to its capital flow. After retiring for fifteen years, Louis Queen has also received a jail sentence. Harrison Queen's body has been found. Police suspect that he took his own life to escape punishment.”
  • As the news reports flooded in, Linda and Kevin were dumbstruck.
  • Harrison's dead? Pollerton Pharma is gone?
  • Jennifer froze, an unfathomable expression on her face. In all fairness, Harrison had always treated her well. Although his methods had been a little too extreme, she could not deny that he genuinely liked her.
  • After staring blankly into space for a long time, Linda burst into tears. “It's over! We're left with nothing now!”
  • As for Kevin, he was shaking like a leaf.
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