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Chapter 26 This Is Only The Beginning

  • “Going against me would be like challenging a god. I'm far more capable and powerful than you. Don't you know that being poor is a sin? I can do anything I want because I'm rich,” Harrison boasted.
  • “Is that so? I'll show you what I'm capable of today.” Donald raised his hands, and a surge of energy shot from his palm. Then, the door immediately slammed shut as he sat down in front of Jennifer.
  • Harrison was dumbfounded at the sight of that.
  • “Perhaps you've forgotten that I drove Kevin out of Blade Alliance. It also seems that you haven't realized the person who saved Kevin was a 'Mr. Quirk,' not you, Mr. Queen. Now, I'll destroy Pollerton Pharma in front of you before I end your life,” said Donald.
  • Harrison burst out in laughter at the sound of that. “This is the funniest joke I've heard this whole year.”
  • Unbothered, Donald went ahead and pulled out his phone. “Get rid of Pollerton Pharma within the next five minutes.”
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