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Chapter 143 Necklace And Gown

  • Before Akio said anything, Yvette spoke up. “Donald, what's the meaning of this? Don't you know who Mr. Ono is? It doesn't matter how much money you have. Mr. Ono is Yatran royalty! A lowly peasant like you can never compare with someone as prestigious as him! So watch yourself, or you're going to regret it!”
  • Irene, too, barked, “That's right! Mr. Ono is an honored guest from Yartran. How dare you treat him with such impertinence? You're embarrassing all of us here!”
  • If there was anything Donald hated, it was sycophantic people like them. He glanced at the two women. “You're blindly worshipping everything foreign while looking down on your own people. Say another word like this and perish.”
  • His gaze was piercing and cold, lethal like a blade out of its sheath.
  • It was Akio who broke the silence. “Sit down,” he told the two women before directing his gaze at Sixten. “Carry on.”
  • Yvette and Irene sat down after sending twin glares at Donald.
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