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Chapter 133 Akio Ono

  • Jennifer sighed. “I thought you could tolerate him if you loved me enough, but now, I can see that I was wrong. It seems like I shouldn't have mentioned this to you today, and I shouldn't have called you either.”
  • “Why should I tolerate him because of you?” Donald could not understand her words. “Are you saying that I should not be criticizing your family when your family did not hold back their insults toward me?”
  • Jennifer gave him a meaningful look before saying, “Let's drop this topic for now. I have something to ask you. Are you contented to work as a bodyguard for the rest of your life?”
  • “Well, I am very contented with my life right now,” said Donald.
  • He was indeed happy, especially when he had Reina and Lana as his eye candies. But, of course, it would be better if it weren't for the Parasite.
  • Jennifer glanced at the room. “You like Lana, don't you?”
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