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Chapter 119 Defeating Yusof

  • Yusof made his move. His muscular body resembled a tank as he bulldozed toward Donald while aiming his elbow at Donald's temples.
  • However, Donald did not move, and when Yusof's elbow smashed against his temples, a loud clang was heard, followed by the sounds of bones shattering.
  • Immediately after, a cry of pain resonated in the air.
  • Donald did not move an inch, but Yusof's elbow had shattered, so his arm currently hung limply.
  • Dumbfounded, Yusof could only stare at Donald fearfully. My blow can shatter a thirty-centimeter-thick piece of marble, but it didn't harm Donald at all!
  • “Your strength is still lacking. Besides, this is not how you do Jeradus Karate. I've seen the king of Jeradus before, so I know what real Jeradus Karate looks like. Nonetheless, karate can't compare with martial arts,” commented Donald.
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