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Chapter 106 Land Reclamation

  • “I laughed because she told us that Pollerton will undergo land reclamation when she could not even provide any documents, news, or insider message to back her up. What she said was the biggest joke of the century!” Sylvia said.
  • Everyone was dumbfounded after listening to her words. They then erupted into a heated discussion.
  • “Is she joking or what? Pollerton will undergo land reclamation?” Rodrick sneered.
  • “Who dares to plan for land reclamation at a Class One Conservation Area? Who even dares to downgrade a Class One Conservation Area to a Class Four Conservation Area in Pollerton?” Dexter smirked.
  • Nigel's cousin, Samantha asked while pursing her lips, “Is she crazy?”
  • Nigel chimed in, “Shannon, please explain the criteria needed to downgrade Class One Conservation Area to Class Four Conservation Area.”
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