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Chapter 103 True Power Of The Yeager Family

  • It was an emerald ornament. It looked somewhat timeworn and ancient as it shimmered through its oxidized surface.
  • “That's from the royal family of the Agraria dynasty. It's worth fifty million!” Someone from the crowd pointed out immediately. That person must have had a deep knowledge of antiques.
  • Jades were one of the favorites of the royalty in the Agraria dynasty. Just three years ago, the tomb of the king of Agraria was robbed, unearthing a large number of emeralds. Portions of them even went missing at that time, and that emerald ornament was one of them.
  • “All right, I'll accept it,” said Conner. He was on cloud nine.
  • “Grandpa.” Shannon went up to Conner and curtsied to him. “I wish you happiness for the years ahead. And I'm giving you Durbaine today!”
  • Durbaine? What the heck is she talking about?
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