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Chapter 101 The Stars Of The Banquet

  • She gave up wondering after a while. Carrying the briefcase, she headed to the changing room. She did not want to wear the attire at first. Nevertheless, she was instantly enthralled when she popped it open.
  • Sitting in it was a mesmerizing necklace. Its color was slightly on the dark side, but it looked exquisite nonetheless.
  • What fascinated her the most was the sapphire blue gown. It did not have any unnecessary embellishments on it, and its fabric was as soft as a cloud, making it comfortable to touch. In fact, there were no signs of stitching found on it, as though the gown was crafted entirely out of a single yard of silk.
  • Overtaken by her fascination, she could not help but change into the enrapturing gown. Looking at her image in the mirror, she felt her jaw drop to the ground.
  • To begin with, she was tall and slim, and her legs were long and slender. Clad in the striking gown, she looked just like a queen out of a fairytale. It fitted her perfectly, accentuating her fair skin and alluring, enticing figure.
  • This dress seemed to have different effects when worn by different people. If Lana had worn it, she would appeal to the primal urges of the male mind.
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