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Unforgettable Pleasure Night

Unforgettable Pleasure Night

Moon Star

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Night Of Pleasure

  • As the door slid open, Aspen walked onto the room with her, with his lips never tearing away from hers. Damn, he couldn't remember when last he'd felt this way as though his body was on fire.
  • But today this hot drop-dead mouth watering goddess had ignited a spark within him that only she could put off.
  • His hands slid up and down her frame till it landed on her ass. He squeezed that soft bunch of goodness in his hands, fisting hungrily.
  • Goddess in heaven, she had such a funking perfect body that fit into his arms as if they were made for eachother.
  • Focused on only eachother's lips and nothing else, they were both oblivious to the flower vase on the desk that crashed upon their impact as they made their way to the bedroom.
  • The flower vase wasn't the only thing that crashed to the floor though, Aspen's blue suit along with his white shirt followed.
  • Finally as if the journey had taken forever, Dulce felt her back hit a soft mattress. It was there and then she took the time to stare at the perfect stranger infront of her
  • Adoring him from his brown hair, blue eyes to his clean shaved jaw. She placed soft kisses from the top of his eyes to his cheeks and down to his jawline as Aspen let out a a soft hiss as though he was being tortured.
  • And he was!. He was on the verge of exploding but still, he wanted to take it slow even though going slow was fucking killing him!.
  • Aspen claimed her lips once more, slowly and more passionately this time. Even though he wanted take her on every corner of the room, on the floor, the kitchen counter..he wanted her to beg for it! .
  • He slid his tongue through the folds of her lips penetrating deep into her mouth and intertwining with her tongue.
  • He loved how she was ready to give as equally as she received. He'd never met anyone that matched his sexual desires as she did and that’s what made her fucking perfect to him.
  • He for once was glad to have met her today because he was positive that he was never going to forget this day.
  • Dulce had torn her lips apart from Aspen's to feel his broad chest with her hands. Seeing him close his eyes with pleasure, she decided to place soft kisses on his chest hair.
  • "Take off my dress". Dulce ordered as Aspen did exactly as she'd commanded. One thing he'd noticed about his mysterious lady was that rather than she begging him to take her like he'd expected, she gave commands. And he'll be damned if that didn't turn him on.
  • As Dulce's red gown slid down her body length, Aspen couldn't help but stare at her bare skin with wide eyes and jaw dropped. "God, you are so fucking beautiful".
  • Aspen didn't think his words would have an effect on her as it was obviously something he'd assumed she heard everyday but he couldn't be further from the truth as his words had made her blush.
  • To Aspen, she couldn't possibly get any cuter. When her red gown was completely taken care off, Aspen threw it across the room not giving a damn where it landed.
  • Be it the nearby fire that had been set up to keep the room warm or whatnot.
  • Staring at her claded at nothing but a black bra and red lacey pants, Aspen trailed his hands up and down the length of her bare skin as he wondered how she still look like a fucking goddess even with the room dimly lit.
  • I'm the luckiest man alive. Aspen thought as he placed soft kisses from her navel upwards. Each fluttery kisses made Dulce's toe curl up in a ball with pleasure.
  • She'd absentmindedly placed her hands on top Aspen's hair, stroking it as he worked his way up the nape of her neck while his second hands moved lower, sliding through her lacy panties to the dark curls of her private part.
  • He teased her at first just pressing and running his fingers against her until he made one slutry move as he slid his fingers deep inside her.
  • Dulce let out a low moan, licking her lips as she spread her legs wider inviting Aspen deeper within her folds and he accepted the invitation.
  • Aspen slid his fingers out of her secret zone as his dipped it into his mouth, sucking off her juices before reclaiming her once more as Dulce let out a loud scream unable to control herself.
  • The onslaught became much more unbearable for her as Aspen slid in, yet another finger.
  • "Take me". Dulce said through gritted teeths. "Just take me". Aspen could tell that she couldn't handle the torture as she wanted him to make her cum already but hell, he wasn't done with her yet.
  • You can't say he'd even started because he didn't know if he'll see this beauty when morning comes so if this was their first and last time together, he'd planned to fuck every inch of her.
  • And if she planned to leave him when morning comes, that's fine. He'd just fuck her till she couldn't walk!
  • He twirled his fingers around her, sliding in and out her secret zone as Dulce felt her body pulsating and beginning to vibrate.
  • She was close, she could feel it. She placed her hands over Aspen's directing it to her perfect spot and when it hit, she came with a loud shout.
  • "F*cking hell". Aspen cursed. That was the most sexiest thing he'd ever experienced. His resolve to go slow finally broke as he pulled his jeans down to the length of his legs and released his manhood from behind his briefs.
  • He stroked up the length of hard, rock person. Pumping fervently until he was certain he was ready for her.
  • Taken by list and with an unquestionable desire to satisfy his pleasure, he slid his manhood into her secret zone without any protection.
  • They both let out a loud groan on how good they felt skin on skin. Dulce jerked up to adjust to his weight while Aspen groaned as he felt her vagina walls tighten around him.
  • He cursed softly, beads of sweat dripping down the side of his face. Whether it was from the heat of fire emitted to the room, he couldn't tell. "I'm going to move now" He said with gritted teeths.
  • When Dulce had given him the go ahead, he gripped tightly onto either sides of her hips as he rammed into her, each thrust faster, harder and deeper than the last.
  • They both let out a scream as they felt themselves reaching the zenith with Dulce spilling her juices onto his person as Aspen emptied his seeds deep inside her.