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  • Andrea
  • My chest was very heavy when I opened my eyes. It felt like I had been a victim of a stampede with my chest being stomped over and over again. It felt raw and utterly sore. But despite this, slowly, I straightened myself to sit.
  • Not having any idea where I was, I purposefully scanned the area to find any familiar landmarks. But, I could see none. Actually, I couldn’t see anything at all except for the white clouds that surrounded me.
  • What? Am I actually in heaven?
  • “No, you are just in the realm where it is neither Heaven or Hell. Not in between, not beyond,” a voice from behind me suddenly spoke.
  • I quickly stood up and turned around to find a very - hmmm...what can I say - a very pretty man wearing Greek men’s clothing and standing a few feet away. The fabric’s borders were adorned with gold and metallic blue embroidery. He had golden bands on his wrists and the same color of belt around his waist. Pretty much, all of him was eye-catching, especially his yellow-green eyes and his Legolas-inspired straight hair that was the shade of red.
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