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Chapter 40 Andrea

  • Nearly two weeks had passed, yet I still have the same dream over and over again. No changes whatsoever. Just the same faceless angel saying a goodbye to me and flying away from the porch outside my room. It had caused me weary mornings everyday and it had my heart beating like it was being pulled out of my chest.
  • I really wanted to know what my dream meant and why do I keep on dreaming it. It was strange for me because I am not a fan of angels at all. Vampires, yes, but angels? No, not at all. So, it had me debating why on earth am I having a dream like this?
  • The only thing that kept me sane though was seeing Lorde’s impressive blue sapphire engagement ring in my finger. It had encouraged me to shove the thoughts of sadness in my subconscious plane and start the day with a smile.
  • Lorde and I had been spending time together almost everyday since he was discharged from the hospital; going to shopping districts, riding our horses, traveling to famous beaches in Luxembourg, visiting Madame Ivana’s vineyard, go on hiking and zip-lining, and making out in the “Gemstone River” as what normal engaged couples do. Pretty much everything we could think of with its end almost submitting in our desire for each other.
  • I, however, had asked him to defer our consummation when the right time comes. Well, exactly one day from now that is.
  • Yes. I am getting married to my childhood sweetheart finally. Why in a hurry you might ask? That’s because Lorde will return to Mexico a day after our wedding because of his company and he wants our honeymoon done there.
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