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Chapter 9 - A Sudden Intrusion

  • I woke up in the morning trying to figure out what to do besides doing my routine morning care of course. I hoped to skip breakfast and just directly leave the house just so that I could avoid him, but when I checked on my iPhone in the bedside table, I found a message from my Auntie telling me that she wanted to see me first thing in the morning, and by that, she meant taking breakfast together.
  • I wasn’t hungry though. Eriol, just as you would expect of a butler, sent a maid in my room to give me my tray of dinner. That was after he left me feeling - well -full in a different sense. I thought it was kind of him to do that. He knew that I wasn’t able to eat at the charity ball because of Mr. DaisVita’s apparent attention-grabbing stomachache.
  • When I opened the tray, it was full of specialized cuisines better than what I saw in the party. There was also a card in it with my name written on the front and it said, “Thank you for the feast, Milady. Now, let me make it up to you. Eat up and enjoy. I cooked it myself.” And at the bottom of it, words were written complete with a wink and a smiley with tongue thrusting out, “P.S. I didn’t place poison in it. Only an aphrodisiac.”
  • Nice. Nice. Was this his way of teasing me? Because I seriously don’t consider it funny. I never knew vampires can cook. Well, that’s if he was truly a vampire.
  • Clue number two that I have was that he has a supernatural quickness of whipping up such delicious-looking grub. Clue number three - his way of transporting from one place to the other. Clue number four - although he seems to be unaffected by sunlight, he still wore sunglasses when he drove me and my Auntie in the shopping district. I am not even sure if that was even counted as a clue, but no bother. Everything counts if it was Eriol we are talking about. I am certainly curious of him, but it’s better not to push my luck on these clues. I wouldn’t want to end up being sucked dry if I turn out to be right.
  • The food he cooked was so good, I had to take second servings in order to sate my hunger. And that consequently is the reason why I am not hungry this morning. However, since my Auntie requested it, I might as well go downstairs and eat with her. A banana this morning would be good. I am actually craving for it right now.
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