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Chapter 39 - Dreaming of Black Wings

  • Andrea
  • Even without smiling the man had an angelic face. Short was his hair, with blonde streaks overlapping the overall gray ones. He had a well-toned body and looked quite tall, probably an inch taller than Lorde.
  • I had to ask myself who was this man that had kept a steady eye on me the moment I entered the room? He doesn’t seem to be Lorde’s attending physician because he wasn’t wearing the signature white coat, but then again, doctors do sometimes check on their patients without one on.
  • Auntie Marcella immediately hugged me when I approached the bed. I embraced her back of course in order to make her feel that I appreciated her words in the email.
  • “Andrea, why haven’t you replied my texts?” That’s her immediate question when we withdrew.
  • I know I looked sheepish in her eyes when I answered, “I’m sorry Auntie. I left my phone in the mansion.”
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