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Chapter 36 - Desire Untold

  • Andrea
  • Now, for the record, the place where Lorde bit me was in the exact spot where Eriol gave me a hickey yesterday. Because of this, I realized that jealousy already bubbled inside him.
  • “Lorde!” I cried, pushing his chest away at the same time. It was partly an instinct for a woman to do so, and partly because I was surprised of course.
  • He captured my hands and roughly immobilized it against the shelf. Figurines after figurines of animals made of crystal toppled over and broke into pieces on our feet.
  • I felt his tongue swirled against the skin of my neck, coordinating with his teeth to make a sucking motion. It was just a localized area, but the damn sensation flooded all over my body like food coloring in plain water.
  • I wouldn’t call it delicious because it felt like pins penetrating my flesh, but it was enough to tickle me and my insides. I felt my flaming desire resurface back again, but I quickly quenched it.
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