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Chapter 29 - A Heart That Has No Respite

  • Aeshma
  • I seethed in anger when all the wedding necessities were prepared the next day, but when the matrimonial ceremony was held, I only watched in helplessness as Sarah and her destined man exchanged vows.
  • Every word she uttered not only pulverized me to the core, but also condemned me into the darkest, loneliest days of my life. Sarah and I are bound to be together. Supposed to be, I am the one who gives her all the happiness and the loving she deserves, but it seems destiny really weighed me down and pulled me out of the picture.
  • But even as she had rejected me, here I am still, watching her from afar.
  • As she tears my heart open with her matrimonial vows for another man, no, I didn’t feel any hatred towards her. I still love her with all of my rotten heart. I still didn’t regret loosing my status as an archangel and becoming a Fallen One.
  • Why should I regret it when I had chosen this life for myself? Her pure soul was a treasure worth fighting for, worth surrendering my divinity and worth to be condemned about for all eternity.
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